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Management Services


Many people don’t realize just how time intensive the process of owning an investment property can really be. You’re talking about something that runs a great bit deeper than just a simple real estate transaction. As a landlord, you’re responsible for everything – from bookkeeping to maintenance to rent collection to tenant relations and beyond. Owning a single property can quickly start to feel like a full-time job, which can make things difficult if you already have one of those to call your own. To say nothing of how hard it can get when you’re talking about two, three or more properties.

At Cottonwood Properties, we believe that we’ve found a better way. We offer a wide range of different management services for you to choose from depending on your needs. We can help you throughout all parts of the process, from marketing your property to screening tenants to ongoing maintenance and rent collection and more. You can always access your user account right from our state-of-the-art website, guaranteeing that you’re as involved as you want to be and that you’re always up-to-date every step of the way.